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Do you want to attract the best employees to your organization? Do you find yourself competing for top talent in a hot job market?

These days, salary or financial compensation alone isn't the only factor driving employees to a new job. Today's best employees demand a workplace that stimulates creativity, collaboration, and communication while also reducing stress and anxiety. This is especially true for millennials, but is also true for the best professionals in other age groups.

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This session will include two office concept presentations: VW's new China Headquarter by Mr. Xing PANG and the new Daimler R&D Center by Mr. Frank Dietlein. These cutting edge designs will demonstrate what you need to attract and retain the best and most qualified employees to your organization. Presentations will be followed by discussion.

About the Roundtable Corporate Real Estate

The Roundtable Corporate Real Estate is an exchange platform for those who are involved in their companies in the planning, provision, design and management of real estate (such as offices, production facilities, sales and storage).

Discussion topics include current market developments and business challenges, local regulations, new investor models and workplace concepts. The Roundtable is led by Mr. Frank Dietlein, Head of Corporate Real Estate, Daimler Greater China Ltd. (DGRC).


  • Frank Dietlein (Head of Corporate Real Estate at Daimler Greater China)

    Frank Dietlein

    Head of Corporate Real Estate at Daimler Greater China

    Formulation and Execution of a Corporate Real Estate Strategy for Greater China (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan); Leadership in “ Best Corporate Real Estate”, Project Execution and Delivery of various asset classes; Real Estate Acquisitions (Lease and Buy); Portfolio management

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  • Xing PANG (Senior Executive Partner and Co-founder of Udopartners)

    Xing PANG

    Senior Executive Partner and Co-founder of Udopartners

    Mr. Pang has been engaged in public building design practice for more than 12 years, particularly in skyscrapers and corporate architecture and interior design field; he knows very well of the cutting edge design theory of workspace, and has full experience for design implementation. He has been with RMJM (Hong Kong) and CCDI before co-found Udopartners.

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9:30 AM - 10 AM
Registration and Networking
10 AM - 11:20 AM
Impulse and Discussion
• Speech by Xing PANG (Co-founder of Udopartners)
• Speech by Frank Dietlein (Head of Corporate Real Estate at Daimler Greater China)
• Q&A and discussion
11:20 AM - 12 PM
Volkswagen Headquarter Building Tour

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V-Space Multifunction Room 3 | Volkswagen Headquarter Beijing (大众中国总部)

Courtyard Building 1, Qisheng Middle Street No.12, Chaoyang District | 朝阳区七圣中街12号院1号楼

If you have any questions please contact Jessica Huang

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+86 1065396663

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