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CEOs and GMs of companies often have the same problem: Managers at all levels are often not able to "think out of the box", which makes it difficult to create an efficient coordination and overall cooperation in the enterprise. This directly hinders the implementation of strategic thinking, thus managers often do not achieve their expected goals and performance targets. Therefore, managers at all levels are often requested to improve their business acumen and look at the business from a higher and overall perspective


How to make every manager analyze problems from the perspective of the enterprise, and make strategic management decisions and effectively implement various decisions like a CEO? This full-day workshop will help you to better understand the basic laws of business operation, common business language and business thinking as well as improve your management skills for more business success.


Outline 课程大纲

Part 1: Understanding business acumen 认识商业敏锐度

  • The nature of business 生意的本质
  • What is business acumen? 什么是商业敏锐度

Part 2: Learning business acumen 学习商业敏锐度

  • What are the basic elements of business operation? 企业经营的基本要素有哪些?
  • Strategic Sensitivity: From strategic design to strategic implementation 战略敏锐度--从战略设计到战略落地
  • Market Sensitivity: Operation & Strategy of an enterprise must be market based 市场敏锐度--企业的运营、战略的制定必须以市场为基础
  • Operational acumen 运营敏锐度
  • Financial acumen 财务敏锐度

Part 3: Practice & Experience business acumen 从实际操盘,体验商业敏锐度

  • Sand table simulation background 沙盘模拟背景
  • Basic process 模拟基本流程

Part 4: Feedback & Interactive sharing 收益反馈与互动分享

Target Group 课程对象:

CEO, General Manager, Plant Manager, Senior Manager, HR Manager 首席执行官、企业总经理、企业工厂经理,高层管理者、HR主管/经理

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 500 RMB 德国商会会员 500元 | Non-Member: 800 RMB 非会员 800元

(Fee includes training material & work lunch)


TRW Fawer Commercial Vehicle Steering (Changchun) Co., Ltd., No. 4789 East Nanhu Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone,Changchun



  • Mr. Xing Han (Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian)

    Mr. Xing Han

    Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian


TRW Fawer Commercial Vehicle Steering (Changchun) Co., Ltd.


Changchun, Jilin, China

If you have any questions please contact Block 布鲁克 Jan Carl

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+86 18640178496

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