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Finding and employing the best talents has become a challenge of competitive advantage for every company. Therefore, how to achieve success and develop talents through an effective talent management results in new expectation for all managers, especially the HR role. In most enterprises, employees are the most expensive but often poorly managed resource. HR departments and business managers should take the responsibility to optimize talent management by making talents the driving force of strategic implementation and transform talents into a strategic advantage for the company.


In addition, with the shift of focus from developing the competencies of talents to leadership and innovation in the period of economic stability or even stagnation, it becomes more and more important to review and think about talent management and adjust the strategies accordingly.


The German Chamber of Commerce in North China invites you to attend this full-day HR workshop to discuss with HR experts about talent management. With the help of sand table simulation, participants can get the chance to learn how to turn talents into strategic advantage. In addition, experiences of real cases will be shared to give insights into current situation and challenges of talent development for Euro-American Manufacturing Enterprises.

中国德国商会诚邀您参加此次HR Workshop和HR专家一起讨论人才管理的话题。借助沙盘模拟,您将了解如何化人才为战略影响。此外,真实案例和经验也将分享给大家,进而阐明并分析欧美制造企业人才管理的现状及挑战。

Course Outline 课程大纲:

Topic 1: How to turn talents into strategic advantage? 化人才为战略影响

1. Opening Question: How to turn talents into strategic influence? 开篇问题: 如何让人才转化为战略影响力

  • Case study: The personnel dilemma in an electric company 案例:电器公司的人员困境
  • The current situation of talent management in general 我们的人才管理现状

2. First year of sand table operation 运行沙盘第一年

  • Rules of sand table simulation 沙盘模拟规则的学习
  • Equal position of customs and employees 员工与客户同等重要

3. Second year of sand table operation 运行沙盘第二年

  • Enterprise market value model 企业市场价值模型
  • Competition with other enterprises in two markets 和其他企业在两个市场上竞争

4. Third year of sand table operation 运行沙盘第三年

  • Company's strategic positioning - Marketing Strategy 公司的战略定位- 市场营销策略
  • Strategic Human Resource Planning - How talent management strategy can match company's strategic objectives 战略性人力资源规划 – 选择与公司战略目标匹配的人才管理战略

Topic 2: Importance of Talent Management for European & American Manufacturing Enterprises 欧美制造企业人才管理现状分析

  1. Analysis of Talent Development Management Measures 人才发展管理措施分析
  2. Challenges of Talent Competition 人才竞争的挑战分析
  3. Criteria of Talents 人才衡量标准分析
  4. Analysis of Talent Development Modes 人才培养方式分析
  5. Restrictions and Disadvantages of Talent Development 人才发展瓶颈与不足分析
  6. Analysis of Training Requirements for Talent Management 人才培训管理现状分析

Agenda 议程:

09:00-10:30 Part I (Mr. Xing Han)

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:00 Part II (Mr. Xing Han)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:30 Part III (Mr. Xing Han)

14:30-14:45 Coffee Break

14:45-15:30 Part IV (Mr. Xing Han)

15:30-17:00 Part V (Mr. Eric Zhang)

Target Group 课程对象:

General Manager, Dept Managers, HR Manager 企业总经理、中高层管理者、HR主管/经理

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 200 RMB 德国商会会员 200元 | Non-Member: 400 RMB 非会员 400元

(Fee includes training material, lunch and coffee break)


German International School Changchun, No. 2899 Dong Nan Hu Road, Er Dao District, Changchun

长春美国国际学校德国部, 吉林省长春市二道区东南湖大路2899号


  • Mr. Xing Han (Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian)

    Mr. Xing Han

    Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian

  • Mr. Eric Zhang (Senior Researcher at LINKE Workforce Research Dalian)

    Mr. Eric Zhang

    Senior Researcher at LINKE Workforce Research Dalian


German International School Changchun

Dong Nan Hu Road 2899, Er Dao District, Changchun

Changchun, Jilin, China

If you have any questions please contact Block 布鲁克 Jan Carl

Contact Organizer

+86 18640178496

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