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Practical Problem Solving (PPS) is the "power" behind continuous improvement, which is the backbone of LEAN. There is a lot of discussion about how to introduce LEAN and especially a Continuous Improvement Culture within companies. It contains mainly identifying and solving business's problems (and searching its improvement opportunities) at a higher level and to a deeper degree (search for root causes). Another aspect is: most companies believe they are capable of problem solving, but actually often inaccurate. Many just do action lists and firefighting but are lacking of a systematical and sustainable approach. Therefore, a real wide based ability in PPS is the unique and most effective tool in order to become a learning organization.

实践型问题解决方法(PPS)是持续改进背后的"力量",是精益的骨干。有很多关于如何介绍精益,特别是 CI(持续改进)文化的讨论。它主要包括在更高层次和更深层次(寻找根本原因)上识别和解决业务问题(并搜索其改进机会)。另一个方面是: 大多数公司相信他们能够解决问题,但实际上通常不准确。许多人只是做行动列表和救火工作,而缺乏系统和可持续的方法。因此,实际问题的解决能力是企业真正所需的, 是成为一个学习型组织的独特和最有效的工具。

In this workshop you will learn 通过此次Workshop您将了解

  • The "original" Toyota A3 PPS approach and how it differs from traditional methods, supported by practical examples and hints 通过实践案例和提示,学习"最初的"丰田A3方法,以及它如何与传统方法不同
  • A clear understanding of how PPS is transferred from the day-to-day deviation between KPI targets and actual performance 清楚了解PPS如何从KPI目标和实际绩效之间的日常偏差中转移
  • How to create a crew of "Problem Solvers" by Shop Floor Management 如何通过车间管理培养一群的问题解决者

Agenda 9:00 - 17:00:

  • Introduction of the importance of problem solving 介绍解决问题的重要性
  • Problem solving tools and their application 问题解决工具及其应用
  • Closed loop problem solving methods 闭环的问题解决方法
  • Detailed explanation of Toyota's A3 problem solv­ing 详细解释丰田A3的问题解决
  • Problem solving exercises – Learning by doing 解决问题的练习— 通过实践来学习

Language: Chinese 中文

Fee: Training Partner 培训伙伴: RMB 200 | Member 会员: RMB 500 | Non-Member 非会员: RMB 800

(Fee includes lunch, coffee break and training documentation 费用包括午餐、茶歇、培训材料)


Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang (Training Room, 2nd Floor), No. 119 Jianshe Road, Dadong District, Shenyang 110122



Please note 请注意:

  1. Max. two persons per company. 每家企业最多两人参加
  2. Due to high demand for seats, this training will be organized again on February 28th at Shenyang Polytechnic College! 由于此次培训需求量较大,本次培训将于2月28日在沈阳职业技术学院再次举办!


  • Mr. Zifeng Li (Project Manager / Trainer at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.)

    Mr. Zifeng Li

    Project Manager / Trainer at STAUFEN.SHANGHAI Consulting Academy Ltd.

    Mr. Li has been working for Staufen as a Project Manager since 2013. He was born in a family with a long history in the manufacturing industry, as his family owned an automobile clutch factory. Having 8 years of working experience in Global Manufacturing companies, Mr. Li has very deep knowledge of Production Management and LEAN Manufacturing.

    As LEAN Supervisor and LEAN Development Manager he was deeply involved in LEAN Transformation projects and in the implementation of LEAN methodologies and tools. His strength is the definition of comprehensive approaches for the implementation of value adding production systems mainly in Automotive and in Medical and Electronic Appliance industries. As a Project Manager for STAUFEN, Mr. Li is specialised in 5S, TPM, SMED, VSM, Problem Solving, Shop Floor Management and holistic LEAN transformation projects.

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Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang

No. 119 Jianshe Road, Dadong District, Shenyang 110122

Shenyang, Liaoning, China

If you have any questions please contact Block 布鲁克 Jan Carl

Contact Organizer

+86 18640178496

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