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In order to provide our members with more valuable and up-to-date information about the local labor market in the Northeast region as well as the employment situation in manufacturing companies, in cooperation with Dalian FESCO, we have invited our member companies in the last weeks to take part in a new Regional Labor Market Survey for Northeast China by collecting relevant information about recruiting processes, training activities, and employment status.


After more than a month of data collection and analysis, a total of more than 120 foreign-invested manufacturing enterprises from Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Tieling, Benxi, Yingkou and Liaoyang have participated in the survey, thus conducting an in-depth analysis of the current employment situation at manufacturing enterprises in the Northeast region.


During this seminar we will provide you with the survey results as well as a comprehensive interpretation of the current economic and labor market situation in Northeast China. Mr. Eric Zhang will provide practical advice and suggestions for enterprises in recruitment, retention, compensation & benefits, talent management and the assignment of personnel, by providing objective and detailed data evaluation for your decision-making.


Besides, due to the changing environment and the increasing uncertainty in China's labor market, the traditional "talent oriented", long-term employment concept of companies has its limitations and a "flexible employment" method is becoming more and more important to also protect enterprises against the operational risks of high fluctuation. In order to provide enterprises with a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of new employment methods such as "flexible employment", Mr. Haozheng Wei will introduce the current situation and future trends of the flexible employment concept.



13:00-13:15 Welcome Speech (Mr. David Ren, CEO, DDA FESCO) 嘉宾致辞(任锋先生,大连金普外服 CEO)

13:15-14:45 Current Status and Trends of Flexible Employment (Mr. Haozheng Wei, Founder & CEO, Laboroot Shanghai) 灵活用工的现状与趋势 (魏浩征先生,劳达laboroot 创始人、CEO)

  • From labor relations, labor dispatch, outsourcing to flexible employment 从劳动关系、劳务派遣、业务外包到灵活用工
  • Connotation, extension and legal relationship of flexible employment 灵活用工的内涵、外延与法律关系
  • Comparison of flexible employment in western countries with flexible employment in China 国际上的灵活用工与中国式灵活用工的对比
  • How flexible employment became a trend in modern employment methods 灵活用工成为用工主流的趋势判断
  • How to reduce labor costs and employment risks through flexible employment 如何通过灵活用工降低人力成本与用人风险

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break 茶歇

15:00-16:30 Analysis & Current Situation of Work Force Management (Mr. Eric Zhang, Senior Researcher, Linke Workforce Research Dalian) 劳动力用工管理现状分析 (张庆臻先生,领科劳动力研究院)

  • Analysis of the overall status of labor force management 劳动力用工管理整体现状分析
  • Analysis of the status of labor compensation & benefits and coping strategies 劳动力薪酬福利现状分析及应对策略
  • Current situation of labor training development analysis and coping strategies 劳动力培训发展现状分析及应对策略
  • Analysis and response strategies of the current situation of recruitment methods 劳动力招聘现状分析与应对策略

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: Free of charge (participation is limited to 2-3 seats per company) 本次活动企业免费参加,受邀企业限2-3人参加

Venue: No. 8 Yifeng Hotel, No. 8 Wutong Street, Huanghaixi Road, Jinpu New District, Dalian



  • Mr. Eric Zhang (Senior Researcher at Linke Workforce Research Dalian)

    Mr. Eric Zhang

    Senior Researcher at Linke Workforce Research Dalian

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  • Mr. Haozheng Wei (CEO of Laboroot Shanghai)

    Mr. Haozheng Wei

    CEO of Laboroot Shanghai

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