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Human Resources Management is undergoing rapid and profound change. Once viewed as a support function that delivered employee services, HR is now being asked to help lead the digital transformation in organizations worldwide. Not only effective recruiting but also the trends of innovative and digital HR management are crucial parts that a professional HR management should pay attention to.


This HR workshop is designed to share best practices in a modern HR management as well as introducing effective and up-to-date tools from a professional HR perspective. We have invited HR Recruiter Mr. Edward Sheng from Draexlmaier Automotive Shenyang to share his recruiting experiences in a fast developing German company and external HR expert Mr. Xing Han to share his experiences of real recruitment cases and give insights into current HR challenges as well as useful and innovative HR approaches.

此次HR Workshop旨在分享现代人力资源管理中的最佳实践,同时以专业HR的视角介绍高效创新工具。我们邀请到了沈阳德科斯米尔汽车配件有限公司招聘主管盛晔先生来分享他在快速发展的德企中的招聘经历,HR专家韩兴先生将通过招聘实例分享经验,阐述当今HR面临的挑战和实用的创新方法。

You will get the chance to learn about 此次Workshop中您将有机会了解:

  • Best practices in recruiting shared by a fast growing German company in China 在华德企分享招聘最佳实践
  • Application of various modern approaches in recruiting techniques 不同模型在招聘中的应用
  • Introduction to different interview designs 不同面试的设计技巧
  • Application of Enterprise WeChat in the recruiting and compensation process 企业微信在招聘和薪资管理中的应用
  • New Trends & Innovations in HR Management 人力资源管理移动化趋势

Workshop Content 内容:

Part 1 - Best Practice Sharing - How to Find and Retain Top Talent in a Fast-Growing German Company in China 分享最佳实践 – 如何在发展迅速的德企中寻找并留住尖端人才

  • Selecting and identifying the right candidates for your company 为公司挑选合适人才
  • Suggestions for sourcing channels (Job Fair, WeChat, Referral, RPO, Service Outsourcing ...) 招聘渠道建议(招聘会、微信、推荐、招聘外包、劳务外包等)
  • Presentation of your company to potential candidates 向潜在人选展示公司面貌
  • Assessment Center - Tips & Tricks 评估中心- 要诀和技巧

Part 2 - How to conduct a job interview 如何组织面试?

1. Looking inside / Looking outside 看入人里,看出人外

  • What affects one's behavior? 什么影响人的行为?
  • How can I estimate one's ability and motivation? 如何判断能力和动力?
  • What factors should I consider during recruiting? 招聘时我需要考虑什么因素?

2. STAR Structured Interview STAR 结构化面试

  • What questions should I ask during the interview? How do I design interview questions? 面试时,我应该问什么样的问题?如何设计?
  • How do I collect information? 如何进行信息的收集呢?
  • How can I judge whether the ability and motivation of this candidate fits the position?如何判断候选人的能力和动力是否符合应聘岗位?

3. Sand Table Simulation 沙盘实操模拟

4. Summary 总结

Part 3 - Integration of WeChat in enterprise's HR Management 微信在企业人力管理中的应用

  • Brief introduction of WeChat and WeChat Official Account Platform 微信及微信公众平台简介
  • Usage scenarios for an Enterprise WeChat Account 企业微信常用应用场景
  • Case study 微信企业应用案例展示

Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: German Chamber Member: 德国商会会员: 100 元 | Non-Member: 非会员 200 元


Hilton Shenyang, No. 374 Qingnian Avenue, Heping District, Shenyang

沈阳世茂希尔顿酒店, 沈阳市和平区青年大街374号


1:30 PM

30 mins

Presentation (Part 1)

2 PM

120 mins

Workshop (Part 2)

4 PM

20 mins

Coffee Break

4:20 PM

5 PM

Presentation (Part 3)


  • Mr. Edward Sheng (HR Recruiter at Draexlmaier (Shenyang) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.)

    Mr. Edward Sheng

    HR Recruiter at Draexlmaier (Shenyang) Automotive Components Co., Ltd.

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  • Mr. Xing Han (Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian)

    Mr. Xing Han

    Dean & Senior Trainer at Dandelion Training School Dalian

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  • Mr. Eric Zhang (BD Director of DDA FESCO)

    Mr. Eric Zhang

    BD Director of DDA FESCO

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