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Thursday, March 21, 2019 (9 AM - 5 PM)

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SIASUN Education Technology Group

No. 860-3 Shenben Avenue (Building F5), Shenyang International Software Park, Hunnan District

Shenyang, Liaoning, China

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Training Content

Administrative work in any office includes a wide variety of personal tasks to provide valuable support for the management in a company. To execute these tasks efficiently, employees working as an Administrator or Assistant for example, need strong interpersonal and communication skills to interact with various departments and to ensure an undisturbed flow of information. Due to this critical support character of administrative work it is very important for all administrative roles in a company to continuously improve personal efficiency as well as interpersonal skills.


In this comprehensive training attendees have the opportunity to learn how to improve time management, problem solving, as well as communication skills. Participants will be engaged in typical daily work situations to find and use applicable tools to manage and improve their administrative skills.


Contents 培训内容

1. Main Tools for Effective Administration Work 行政工作任务本质和基本素养

  • Time management 时间管理
  • Interpersonal Communication 人际互通
  • Comprehensive Organization & Coordination 综合组织协调
  • Anti-Interference Technique 抗干扰能力

2. Required Skills and Methods for an Admin Role 岗位核心工作技能与方法

  • Understanding Superiors 了解上级
  • Coordinating Superiors 与上级配合
  • Managing Your Office 办公室管理

3. Typical Office Situational Analysis 典型情境解析

Who should participate? 培训对象

Office Manager, Secretary, Assistant, Administrator, Receptionist, etc.


Language: Chinese/中文

Fee: Member: RMB 300 德国商会会员 300元 | Non-Member: RMB 500 非会员500元

Due to limited capacity of seats we have to limit the attendance to a maximum of three (3) participants per company. Thank you for your understanding.



SIASUN Education Technology Group, No. 860-3 Shenben Avenue (Building F5), Shenyang International Software Park, Hunnan District

中德新松教育科技集团, 沈阳市沈本大街860-3号, 沈阳国际软件园F5号楼三楼



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