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A trouble-free application process for business visa to Germany for local managers, business partners and accompanying family members is of high importance for most of our AHK member companies.


Effective from February 21st this year, the German embassy in Beijing and all other German consulates in China will change their external visa service provider for the Greater China region (formerly TLS contact). The new visa service provider VFS Global will continue to cooperate with the German Chamber of Commerce in Greater China to provide AHK member companies with preferential handling of visa applications via the Visa Services Department of the AHK offices in Beijing and Shenyang.

德国驻中国使(领)馆将于2019年2月21日起在中国区域范围启用新的签证服务公司:VFS Global,该公司将继续与德国工商大会大中华区合作,通过其在北京和沈阳的签证部门为大家提供服务。

With the aim to provide all member companies with updated information about the new process, the membership visa benefits and to explain how and where member companies can apply for business visa to Germany, we have invited Ms. Viviane Weyh, Head of the Visa Section & Consular Affairs at the German Consulate Shenyang, and Ms. Nan Li, Visa Service Manager at German Industry & Commerce Beijing to present the new regulations and requirements on Feb 28th at the German Consulate in Shenyang.

为使会员企业了解签证申请新规和会员签证优待,我们邀请了德国驻沈阳总领事馆领事事务和签证处负责人Viviane Weyh女士和德中工商技术咨询服务有限公司签证受理服务部经理李楠于2019年2月28日在德国驻沈阳总领事馆介绍签证新规

This special seminar will introduce the following topics:


  • Introduction of New Visa Service Provider VFS Global 新的签证服务公司VFS Global介绍
  • Overview of Visa & Consular Services of the German Consulate Shenyang 德国驻沈阳总领事馆领事事务和签证处概览
  • Recent Simplifications and Trends 近期的流程简化及新趋势
  • Requirements to apply for a Schengen Visa 申根签证申请的要求
  • Relevant regulations, deadlines and the time needed for an application 近期的签证申请规定、申请期限及申请时长
  • Correct completion of the application form 申请表格的正确填写
  • Common mistakes that might delay or even prevent the issuance of Visa 可能导致签证延迟发放甚至拒签的常见错误
  • Changed process for application through Visa Services Department of AHK office 通过AHK办公室签证服务部门申请流程变化
  • Preferential policies for member companies of the German Chamber of Commerce 中国德国商会会员企业优待政策
  • Requirements for the certification of documents from member companies 会员企业证明文件要求


14:30 - 14:45 Registration/Welcome 签到

14:45 - 15:15 Presentation by Ms. Viviane Weyh (English) 第一部分分享 (英文)

15:15 - 15:45 Coffee break & Networking 茶歇

15:45 - 16:15 Presentation by Ms. Nan Li (Chinese) 第二部分分享 (中文)

16:15 - 16:45 Q&A 问答

Language语言: English/Chinese 英文/中文

Fee费用: German Chamber Member: free | Non-Member: 200 RMB 德国商会会员:免费 | 非会员:200 RMB

Registration will close on Wednesday, Feb 27th 12:30 pm!


Consulate General of Germany Shenyang, 21 Floor, CR Building, No. 286 Qing Nian Avenue, Heping District, Shenyang

德意志联邦共和国驻沈阳总领事馆, 和平区青年大街286号,华润大厦21层

** Access approval to German Consulate only with mandatory registration on location with valid ID card/passport **

** 参加者须携有效身份证件于德领馆登记后进入**



Consulate General of Germany Shenyang 德意志联邦共和国驻沈阳总领事馆

21F, CR Building, No. 286 Qing Nian Avenue, Heping District

Shenyang, Liaoning, China

If you have any questions please contact Jan Block

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+86 2481113996

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